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helmet-simpleCan you keep up with eighteen-year-old Luca Forgeois? This championship race car driver and full-time student is a driving force to be reckoned with, and speeding his way to the top while quickly becoming the face of ADHD research and awareness.

Having struggled with ADHD throughout his young life, Luca fell behind during his early years at a public school with little support from his teachers, and faced constant bullying from classmates. It wasn’t until he learned to look at his ADHD not as an impassable burden but as a special condition that could be overcome with determination and hard work that he stopped struggling and started moving forward. Along with homeschooling, medication and exercise, Luca’s newfound ambition to succeed carried him far.

Now a senior in high school at NYC’s prestigious Bay Ridge Prep, Luca has quickly risen in the rankings as one of the nation’s most accomplished young race car drivers. With endless determination and hours spent on the track training each day, this inspiring young man has defied all expectations of what a child with ADHD can achieve.

As a person living with ADHD, learning how to navigate a world built for “regular” people, says Luca, is the first step to prevailing over the condition’s obstacles. A uniquely designed brain deserves its own set of rules, and only when we all join Luca in the cause to spread awareness about ADHD and open up the dialogue will rewriting those rules become possible.

You can switch our community into overdrive by becoming a member, and help Luca help others with ADHD. We’re talking to kids and adults about the disorder, and sharing Luca’s story to inspire others to take charge of their hardships, work hard to prevail and find success along their own tracks.


Andretti Autosport Team | #8

BORN: 05/18/1995
TEAM: Team E Racing
RESIDES: New York City
CAR: #20
OCCUPATION: Race car driver and student
EDUCATION: Current Senior at Bay Ridge Prep
PERSONAL:I am a hard working guy who is willing to push myself to my limit and put in as much work as necessary to reach my goals and to become the best I can be in the sport of race-car driving.
FITNESS: I train six days a week. I do strength training Monday through Friday with long distance runs between 6 to 12 miles on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. I additionally do stamina and coordination training on Saturdays with a day of resting on Sunday.
HOBBIES: I enjoy playing soccer, working out, and getting into philosophical arguments with friends. There is no better excursive of the mind.
RACING GOAL:To make a living off of my passion and become a race car driver worth remembering in the history of the sport.
RACING CAREER: When I was thirteen I started go-karting which peaked my interest in racecar driving.
2011: National Class USF2000 Champion
2010: FWT Rotax Senior, Supernats senior
2009: WKA yamaha can-and HPV light, FWT Rotax junior, FWT Formula junior tag
2008: FWT Rotax Junior

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